Saturday, October 5, 2013

An Open Letter: To My Representative and Senators

For the last 20 years I’ve listened to you squabble back and forth about how bad the other side is and how they are out to ruin this country.  I’ve seen the dirty tricks; I’ve watched the grandstanding and the mockery of each other for far too long.  What is the point of electing or reelecting you?  We are becoming a nation of me, so I have to ask, what’s in it for me?
I mean seriously.  Since Al Gore lost the 2000 election I’ve watched as the good of the nation has been placed on hold as each party accuses the other of malfeasance, trickery, or some crime against humanity.  The only time you seem to work together is in the face of an obvious attack on the nation, and then it seems more geared towards expanding the reach of the government then to ensuring the freedom of its people.
When it is convenient, you forget resolutions that passed the Congress with a bipartisan vote and shift the blame to the other side.  When you have a majority control of one house or another you work to destroy any potential for future bipartisan support of pending legislation.  When was the last time you actually did your J O B without worrying about sound bites, CSPAN time, or your next election?
We have now reached a point where your rhetoric is unacceptable.  If you were our children we would speak sternly to you and say it is not nice, and if you don’t stop we are going to put you into a serious 15-minute time-out. 
Is there some law you’ve passed that says you have to act as ridiculously as the talking heads on TV who are the modern version of the Carnival barkers?  YOUR GOVERNMENT IS SPYING ON YOU!  THE GOP HATES BLACKS!  WE WANT A CLEAN BILL!  ONLY 1% SIGNED UP!  GET A FREE PHONE!  THE QUEEN OF SHEBA -- JUST INSIDE THE TENT!  SEE THE GIANT DWARF!  Is that how we are to be led from now on?
I guess you are really in a fortunate position, for while I won’t vote for you again, it is likely the other 50.5% of the 36% who show up at the polls will.  But for the sake of the country, I want you to sit in the corner and think about how badly you've behaved until the timer goes off!

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