Friday, September 13, 2013

Random Friday Thoughts

Ø  How did we capture the moment before cameras?
Ø  People are only reasonable if they agree with you.
Ø  If the National Park service establishes a national park on the moon, when they finally get there and find the American flag we left in 1969 has the red and blue washed out will they replace it?
Ø  Does the continuous bombardment of meteorites cause holes in the atmosphere and increase global warming?
Ø  When will we cool sufficiently not to have to worry about volcanos?
Ø  Was Mona Lisa looking at Michelangelo’s David when Leonardo de Vinci painted her?
Ø  Wouldn’t we be safer if we made nuclear power plants in the form of submarines in a dry dock? 
Ø  How long will we stay Orange on the Homeland Security Risk assessment?
Ø  If we are worried about the polar ice cap, should we stop using ice in our drinks?
Ø  If wind turbines are grown on farms are they an annual or a perennial?
Ø  Space flight is hazardous to all living things.
Ø  Where does the crease go on my permanent press pants?
Ø  All politicians are egotists, but not all egotists are politicians.
Ø  Do Yin, Yang, and Karma apply to Caucasians?
Ø  Is there an acceptable moral argument for war?
Ø  Do we still have inalienable rights?

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