Monday, July 29, 2013

It is Tough to be Consistent

So in the news today are articles about Apple’s new iPhone being built by Chinese workers earning the equivalent of $1.50 an hour.  Apple products seem to be popular with young environmentalists, socially conscious members of the entertainment industry, and others like me who appreciate the stability of their operating systems, but they are more expensive than the various vendors running Microsoft’s Windows.  Apple and others in the computer industry have taken pretty active positions on social issues so I wonder how much the Apple electronic devices will cost if they are held to the socially responsible position of paying all their workers a living wage, which is more than minimum wage and probably orders of magnitude more than the $1.50 they are paying workers now.
Now I can understand an old guy like me liking Apple and willing to buy them at their current cost, but how can all the socially conscious young people support this company?  As an aside, it was kind of funny seeing all the #occupysomeplace people with their apple computers last year.

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