Thursday, May 2, 2013


I am just recovering from a wonderful week of having three noisy, pre-school aged, Grandchildren visiting, along with their harried and concerned parents.  I’ve been considering what advice I would offer on how to bring up their children, and come to the conclusion I have none. 
What they are frustrated with, they must figure out for themselves.  Anything I would say has no value, because I am not in their situation and don’t live their life.  Children are, by their very nature, selfish and demanding; I think it is a survival instinct.  Having three so close in age is a non-stop challenge as they play off each other.  It intensifies in a non-linier manner.  At least the two oldest haven’t yet debated the pros and cons of dropping the third off the railing of the stairwell, as my sister and I did with Louise.
At the end of the day, the choices they make will shape the lives of those in their care.  I am confident they will make good ones and I can sleep comfortably, secure in the knowledge they will do better than average with them, and if you are hitting above average in the Major League you’re going to the All Star Game.
Thanks for letting us share a week in the life of the L--------s.

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