Saturday, April 6, 2013

Things I Think About, While Pressure Washing

Pressure washing my driveway is a mundane task.  Not a lot of analytical processes involved, just some attention to detail.  Clearly a right brain task, that leaves my left-brain pretty much alone.  And you know what happens when brains are left alone, they wander around getting into trouble.  Which, if you think about it, explains why a lot of Politicians make the headlines for various scandals!
So I was thinking this morning, why should the State [and for my friends who take everything literally, by State I mean government at all levels] sanction marriage at all?  Why not leave that exclusively to the Church?  Of course by sanction I mean, license it, recognize it, bestow any unique rights or privilege at all to it?  I am told the arguments that marriage is important to the state for reasons of procreation are weak and not relevant, so if that is true then why place any value towards it as a function of the law?
For the progressive left who argue that the wealth of the nation belongs to all, then what better course but to establish right up front that family has no retainable value, and marriage is not to be rewarded with tax benefits, and the estate must pass to the government upon the death of whoever owns the property.
It would eliminate the idea that birth to a stable family group is in the States interest and allow for any definition of family the affected individuals choose.  Of course this would put a tremendous hurt on the divorce attorney business because relationships would be bound only by the transient nature of lust, and in a few increasingly rare cases love.  For Church sanctioned marriages of people who place faith in God and belong to a Church, who has blessed and sanctified the marriage, the bonds might be a bit stronger, but even then, our society as sadly shown this is for so many just a transient bond.  
Since the marriage has no basis in the law there would be not recourse in courts for settlement and the parties would be free to resolve the relationship in any manner they see as reasonable.  Perhaps when they joined they could form a LLC or incorporate and then the rules of business could be applied. 
As we move forward in the current debate, I wonder just how long before the question becomes why have marriage at all?  I think some, on the left, have already asked it so it shouldn’t be too long.
Well, I'm done with the pressure washing, now to go round up my left brain and find something useful to do with it.

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