Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Politics -- Funny and Idiotic

I admit, I am just a bit twisted in my sense of humor.  It is both a curse, and a blessing.  Certainly a curse for my wife, who must put up with my humor, but it helps me with the silliness in the serious business around me.  For example, when I am dealing with a vendor and government buyer who thinks it is perfectly reasonable for the government to pay $15,000,000.00 to change the mounting location of a sensor on the ass end of a C-130.  I am reminded of Senator Everett Dirksen who allegedly said, “A billion here, a billion there, and pretty soon you’re talking about real money!”
But I have to say; I am totally befuddled by some to the foolish and idiotic things some conservatives and liberals think are important to put on the World Wide Web when they are attempting to slam the other side.
In the name of fair play I will point out things I find funny from both sides, alternating between the two.
From Being Liberal (FB):  “I don’t mind paying taxes to help the poor, but it pisses me off when I’m paying my taxes to subsidize the rich.”  Right, like you have a say in where your tax dollars go!  If you vote for bigger government you get bigger government, not more responsive, just more bureaucratic.  The government spends far more than it takes in, so if it helps you sleep at night, then believe your tax dollars pay the President’s salary.  Oh wait; he is in the 1% isn’t he?  Maybe your tax dollars can pay the salary of the White House maids.
From Keep America, American (FB):  Actually the name is all I really need on this.  If we wanted to keep America, American wouldn’t we be talking seriously about sending all the European-Americans back to Europe, all the African-Americans back to Africa, all the Asian-Americans back to Asia, and so on?  Shouldn’t only the Native American’s get to have a FB site named Keep America, American?
From Democratic Party (FB on March 21):  “The House GOP just passed a budget that slashed the social security net and gives the wealthy a huge tax cut – paid for by seniors, students and the middle class.”  Actually, members from both parties voted for the 2013 continuing resolution (H.R. 933) through the rest of the fiscal year and the President, a Democrat signed into law.  In point of fact, the continuing resolution did not slash social security or grant the wealthy any new, huge, tax cuts it merely extended existing provisions, but then I am open to being educated on specific measures that may have done what is alleged.
From multiple sources: Commenting on the Google decision to depict Cesar Chávez in its Easter doodle.  If you haven’t figured out by now the leadership of Google is a left of center organization, supporting the progressive movement, while making the major stock holders billionaires on the backs of its software engineers, just like any true capitalist enterprise, then where have you been for the past ten years?
From Blue Street Journal’s photo (FB):  “Don’t Blame Obama…[lots of words] Blame the GOP” (regarding the Senate’s slipping the “Monsanto Protection Act” into HR 933) and the President signing it into law.  Okay lets get our stories straight.  The best I can figure out a GA Republican Senator, John Isakson, actually inserted the Senate Amendment into the law, but the Democrats control the Senate so this isn’t really the GOP sneaking around and holding a gun to the President’s head now is it?  It is a clear case of the Senate Democrats not liking the blow back and looking to shift the blame and using the tools available to them.
From multiple conservative blogs and news media like Fox News:  Slamming the President for signing the “Monsanto Protection Act.”  Seriously, did you bother to look up the facts at all?  You don’t get to slam the President on this one!  What! you can’t find a problem with his vacations or something?  While I’m at it, I wonder how much this legislation cost Monsanto?

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