Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Problem with Squirrels

As we pursue our dreams, we are taught to stay focused, to keep our eye on the ball, our nose to the grindstone, and a sharp lookout for the ship of opportunity on the horizon… Well, you get my drift.  We are informed to be successful we must set goals, and to pursue excellence.
As Scott Adam so wonderfully observes in his Dilbert Comic, those who rise to the position of Chief Executive may not follow the same path as those who try and live by the axioms our parents passed along.  These are people who see a grander vision, who steer the ship to a star that others may not yet see, at least until a squirrel comes along to distract them.
Then, when they look to the heavens to find the invisible star by which they chart theirs and their company’s course, it never seems to be in the same place.  The best that the oarsmen can hope for is that it’s not directly opposite of the direction they have been rowing.

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