Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hmmmm, I wonder

We are on the brink of dramatic change.  I wonder if it has always been this way?  I suspect it has, and we as humans seem destined always to be on the brink of some dramatic change.  I wonder about the next big change and whether we can stop it, especially when the topic is galvanized by emotion and political agenda?
Now as our government stumbles and bumbles toward a dramatic shift in spending, income, and effective government; I wonder what will come from it?  I see nothing from the President’s party that suggests he is willing to compromise, and I see nothing from the other side to suggest they are either.  With increasing fervor the extremes of both side argue to let it happen.  As we approach this economic milestone the question is not will it affect the economy, but how much of it will it destroy as leaders in both parties, and the President cling to their dogma?
When this nation was born, it was not because the population raised up as one, united in their hatred of the King.  It was because a few men were rebuffed in their attempts to influence the King and Parliament to establish and improve home rule.  If the King had listened then the extremists would not have prevailed, but alas, this small band, and the heavy-handed arrogance of England, galvanized the majority to support the revolution.  Now as free men and woman, we hear voices rising up to question how the government can continue to operate beyond its means, to spend more than it takes in, to no longer try and find balance.  On the other side we hear allegations that it is the fault of the wealthy, the corporations, or perhaps a brother or two.  To the Democratic machine these voices are just useful puppets to protect the wealthy and are dismissed as zealous fools.  We have seen the President initiate a political strategy that pits Americans against Americans by denigrating the top 1% for not paying to the government what he thinks they should.  As the last election showed, this is a story line that plays well with a population that asks what can the government do for me?
I wonder how will the next revolution occur?  How will those who believe they no longer have a say in their government choose to act?  Will we reach a point where the Republican Party collapses and our government becomes a one party state like so much of the rest of the world, or will the government collapse of its own weight?  Will the Democrats be able to stop it, as they spend more and more money they don’t have to gain party faithful support?
In this time of ME, where every choice, every decision, every option evolves around the question, what does it do for me? Do we have the will to put our selfishness aside and find ways to work together?  Will our politicians put their pride and arrogance aside and work for a greater America?  What is a greater America?  I wonder?

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