Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Thoughts on a Winter's Day

I saw an exchange this morning that summed up the problem with personality politics.  On the one side when the Congress allows a temporary tax holiday to end, and SS withholding return to the rate paid since 1990, the Republicans are criticized for increasing taxes and ending an “Obama benefit.”  Yet I don’t see much criticism of the Democrats who voted for it (it was, after all, a bi-partisan vote in both houses).
When the President and his supporters entered into the end of year negotiations with the demands that the only option was to increase taxes on the wealthy, and not look at cutting spending, how can this country believe that things like this wouldn’t be quietly slipped into the mix?
When the President originally campaigned in 2008, he ran on the promise of transparency.  There has been nothing in this administration's handling of government that reflects any real support of transparency or open government.  So why would anyone expect that this late night agreement would be any different.
If we are going to all get upset over having to pay extra dollars in increased SS withholding (or tax if you like) then put the blame where it belongs.  The President took the credit for driving home this agreement with the Republican’s, shouldn’t he accept credit for this choice as well?  Obviously, he won’t and his supporters will again blindly blame those they don’t like as solely to blame.
With more fiscal cliffs ahead it looks like it will be a very long year for the working middle class, and our economy.

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