Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Wonder What If...

I wonder what America would be like today if instead of having our founding fathers concerned about individual liberties they had bought into the idea of a state religion like England and France?  What if we didn’t have a first amendment and the state could censor our press?  What would all those people who don’t want religion involved in Government be doing?
What if George Washington had liked the idea of being King?  Who would have succeeded him and what line of monarchs would be on the throne?
What if the representatives had addressed the issues of slavery with the founding of our country?  Today would there be two different countries, or would we have avoided our civil war/war of northern aggression?
The USS Maine had not exploded in Havana Harbor, what pretext would we have used for the Spanish American war?
The Wright Brothers had focused on their bicycle business…
There was a congressional amendment that limited the amount of debt the US could have?
Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Jr. had not died when OPERATION APHRODITE bomber exploded before he could bail out?
There had never been a prohibition? 
The Congress had not deregulated the airline industry?
Not broken up Bell Telephone?
The sound barrier really was a barrier?

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