Sunday, January 13, 2013

Football Weekend

So we come down to the final four teams for the NFL.  In the first game next weekend the 49ers travel to Atlanta and then immediately afterwards the Ravens will be in New England to play the Patriots.  I am guessing that Jack’s sons, Jim and John, are working on the charter flight arrangements to get him from Atlanta to Boston to see both games.
You’ve got to tip your hat to the NFL.  For the most part, the divisional contests were close and kept you interested right to the end. I was glad to see Pete Carroll call a timeout as the ball was being snapped, and give Atlanta a chance to miss the practice kick.  It made the game winner just that much sweeter as Matt Bryant put it through the uprights with 8-seconds left.
For the record I don’t think Atlanta will be able to contain Colin Kaspernick, and if he rushes for another 180 yards it will be a long day for the Falcons.


Gino said...

i agree. Kaepernick will soon the next hottest thing in way of endorsements etc, but first we will see him giving ATL fits of terror.

overall, its been a good weekend of NFL, with 3 of the teams i wanted to lose, losing.

who's yer team, John? ya got one?

John said...

Gino, I guess if I had a team it would be New England, although I am also partial to the Saints. I kind of follow with casual interest and we tend to latch onto whoever is near where we live. For example, when I lived in Sacramento we really liked the 49ers, of course that was when Bill Walsh introduced the West Coast Offense and had Montana, Clark and Rice. What was not to love about that combination? I loved seeing them beat the Dolphins and didn't feel at all bad when Dan Marino never made it back to the Super Bowl.
When I lived in WV during College I liked the Steelers and it was a real gas when I actually ended up working for John Stallworth after I retired from the AF. Boy those championship rings are a thing to see close up.

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