Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Al Gore

I have to tip my hat to Al Gore, at the end of the day he has proven to be a true Capitalist, and has shown that Milton Freedman's views of the capitalist system are fundamentally sound.

In true free market fashion, Al and his partners created a product and then found someone to buy it, making for themselves a handsome profit.  He even went so far in his embrace of the system  to try and expedite the sale so he wouldn't suffer the tax penalties that came with the arrival of the new year.

The unfortunate part of this American riches to riches story is that he had convinced so many people into believing he wasn't what he really was.  He had played his supporters into believing he stood for the environment, the redistribution of wealth, and the unions.  His passion to fight against those nasty oil barons and sheiks, and the politicians that supported them, was for the good of the world.  As it turns out his complaints about George Bush and Dick Chaney, and their ties to the oil companies, wasn't so much a political difference as it was envy.

So again, I say to Mr. Gore, congratulations on being a Capitalist, albeit one that is more than happy to bite the hand that feeds you.

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Gino said...

he doesnt care what anybody thinks about him anyway. he has followers to bed him when he needs it, and LOTS and lots of money.

his life is already complete because he doesnt ever expect to be stuck at a dinner table with the likes of you and i.

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