Friday, January 18, 2013

A Day in the Life of Monty (pt 3)

What Next?
It took Monty almost two hours to take care of the baby, feed her, change her, and play with her until she was tired enough to lay back down.  Finally, after making sure she had her bottle he hurried back to his room.
God, it was going to be tough to settled down again to get to a point where he could relax, and shut out the outside world.  He quietly closed the door, shut the Rolladen, and settled into the chaise.  Should he use the noise-canceling headset or not?  Decisions, decisions, decisions.  No, in case the baby cried out again he had to be able to hear her… so perhaps with extra effort he could close out just enough of the world to find his way to where he needed to go.
Here is where routine was to pay off.  Early on, Monty had found if he followed the same routine every day it was much easier to slip into his altered state.   While that routine was obviously altered today, the steps from sitting in the chaise would be the same, the thoughts, the images, the whole process would be the same.  And so it went, breathing, heart rate, and blood flow, into that new dimension. 
He concentrated on the facts before him and sought out the CEO of Humanity Services, searching for her as she first awoke, so that he could follow her to the point where he had first intercepted her.  Before he had been using a random time, well before the time he believed she would make the announcement, and had found her fighting for her life.  Now he would pick a time he assumed she would be safe and secure and track her to that tragic event.
Through time, across space, and in some unique, to him, dimension he traveled.  Without too much effort he found the CEO, Gloria Harrington, asleep in her bed, alone in a large penthouse located on the 96th floor of a New York high rise.  He sensed others in the house, but could not focus on them, for fear of separating the link that now held them both.  He often wondered if his subjects knew of his intrusion.  There was never anything obvious mind you, but occasionally he would notice them looking over their shoulder, or pulling their collars up, as if against the cold.  He wondered if there were others with his gift and as they passed across this dimension it was their presence that led people to believe in ghosts.
He moved to find a favorable place to observe her, and in the process noticed, for the first time, what an attractive woman she was.  She was a brunette, colored he assumed, in her mid-forties.  She was well proportioned, not fat, but not skinny either.  Her hips and waist made an appealing curve as she rolled from her back to her side in response to some subtle noise from the other room.  As her alarm went off a slender arm extended to quiet it, and without pause she sat up in bed.
Monty watched as she stepped away from the bed, her silken nightgown dropping away as she stepped into the bath.  He was amazed at this, as he was normally quite aloof as he spied on his subjects.  But this was different.  Something was drawing him to her.  But he new he didn’t have time, not now, not here.  He had a thought and the scene before him began to play in fast forward.  It was as if he was viewing a video in three times speed.  Gloria moved quickly from the bath, to the dressing room, to the gym, to the bath, then the shower, the dressing room, the breakfast table and then out the door.  Startled, Monty flashed forward to the lobby where he watched as she entered a Bentley that pulled up in front.  He moved effortlessly to a position across from her to observe her while they traveled towards whatever was to occur sometime in the near future.
This was new for Monty.  Usually he could fast forward through time and space to see what would happen, but precise details of exactly where and exactly when had, up until now, never been that terribly important.  His ability to forecast based on the details he had observed was so effective in positioning his clients for the events to come; that within a very small circle he was thought of as pure gold.  Most of his clients didn’t really know how he worked, and while curious, were not so curious that they pressed for more information when told any future inquiries would lead to their loss of any contact.
But this subject was different; he was now connected to her in a way unlike any of his previous surveillances.  The more he observed, the more he wanted to know.  A disturbing thought crossed some other part of his mind; surely he was not becoming attracted to this woman, was he?  No! That could not be it; he just needed to know the details of what catastrophe awaited her so when he talked to Bryan he would have the necessary details.
The car stopped, and Gloria rose and left the car.  Where were they?  How long had it been?  Monty saw her moving away and adapted his thoughts to follow her.  She was entering a skyscraper in the heart of the city, as the doors slid shut Monty was there beside her, and all the sudden it became clear to him, this was the box he had seen in his earlier surveillance. Was she in the headquarters of Humanity Services?   Was he about to see the same tragedy repeated?  Surely an elevator didn’t catch fire?  Who had ever heard of such a thing?
At that instant Monty knew he would have to try something he’d never done before.   He would need to connect to several people in the same proximity to see if they have a shared future, and if so, is this where that future ends.

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