Monday, November 26, 2012


There are just so many things happening that come as non-total surprises that I am not sure what to do about them.
What started as an Arab spring has now, apparently, turned into Strongman fall, as the Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi, consolidates power and decrees the courts and the legislation are no longer necessary.  Of course this has sparked considerable debate in the media as first one side says this was to be expected and the other, more progressive, side says it will all work itself out and President Morsi will return power to the people any time now.  For a nation that has only known one party (dictatorial) rule since President Abdul Nasser I tend to be just a wee bit skeptical on the President’s plan for a free and democratic society.
On the health care front, I find it terribly amusing (or tragic) that colleges are now starting to restructure the faculties hours for adjunct professors and administrative staffs so they don’t have to pay for their health benefits.  This will quite possibly have significant economic impacts on those affected and for those people I feel truly sorry, but the irony of having the liberal colleges argue so strongly for the need for universal health care and then take advantage of the loop holes to keep their overhead down and the profits up is down right funny.  (BTW I know most are not-for-profit, but do you really think they plan to lower tuition because of cost savings?)
As we slowly bumble towards that fiscal cliff thing, I would expect to see significant tax increases next year as the existing rates are allowed to lapse through political in-fighting, I wonder how the President will spin that?  Apparently the top 1% pay something like 40% of all income taxes paid in the US.  I still like the idea of a flat tax, but that has about as much chance as a snowball surviving in that place all politicians must end up in the after life.
Apparently we have determined that Military Working Dogs suffer from posttraumatic stress.  Hopefully we will take better care of them than we do so many of our human veterans, and we won’t see them sleeping on the street and begging for handouts.
There seems to be yet another controversy with the judges on American Idol.  Do people really care about this, to the point all the networks are compelled to report on it?  Really?
And finally, I guess it is time for the Rolling Stones to gather some moss.  – Just say’n.

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W.B. Picklesworth said...

Re: The Rolling Stones. They haven't decomposed yet?

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