Wednesday, November 7, 2012

After, the Morning After...

Well here we are -- all done with the 2012 elections.  The President has been reelected and the various groups are either consoling themselves or celebrating the continuation of those policies and practices that have brought us to where we are today.  I wish I could say I am shocked by the outcome, but I am not.  Back in January I wrote this post, Just My Opinion, where I set out my suspicion about the Romney campaign. Unfortunately, it proved to be an accurate prediction.

So what lessons do I take away from these elections?  There are a number I would like to lay out, just for the record.

To those who support the Democratic Party the twin ideas of personal integrity and responsibility are not terribly critical when voting for a candidate.  What the election of Elizabeth Warren has shown is that with the help of a bias media and sufficient money she was able to stonewall or bury the lies she has told about her heritage and the legal work she did while a professor at Harvard where she failed to maintain a license in the State she was practicing in.  The rules that others are supposed to follow really don’t apply to the few who gain favored political status.  I think her elevation to the Senate will serve only to further polarize that chamber.  Apparently, that is okay for most Massachusetts voters and in a broader sense half the country.

Voters don’t need to consider facts as much as witty posters that agree with what they want to believe; as opposed to what the reality before them is.  We can’t have a legitimate debate on woman’s rights that goes any deeper than government funding for contraception and birth control.  A discussion on gender equity, opportunities, and voice are really not important to woman’s rights.  When discussing the War on Woman it is obviously the Christian right that wants to do all the bad things to them, even though if you look at equality for women in the administration, or college campuses it becomes hard to find.  The political bias against the Christian right creates a need to ignore the reality that Islam actually does consider women subservient and men are able to maim and mutilate them without significant risk of penalty.  The morality behind any of these issues seems far too easy to dismiss for the sake of political expediency.  It is so much easier to hide behind clichés.

The advent of class warfare is not new, but as long as the Republican Party insists on accepting the mantle of a party for the rich, they will lose national elections as an ever-increasing percentage of the nation becomes dependent on government subsidies and self-achievement is denigrated.  There is an inevitable, and perhaps unavoidable, tipping point where America and other western civilizations will fail based on the pure mathematics of having more people taking from an exhaustible resource, than are putting back.  We have only to look to Europe to see the consequences of the path we are set upon but as the numbers of people dependent on government subsidy increase so will the pace towards that tipping point.  Apparently, this is not a concern for the majorities of either party since they both continue to insist on bigger government, it is only in priorities they differ.  Clearly the priorities of the Republican Party are out of touch with the population centers where people are most dependent on government largess.

Finally, race continues to play a central role in American politics.  I wonder what LBJ, JFK and MLK would say if they saw how we have transitioned from the civil rights movement of the 1960’s where southern Democrat’s fought so viciously to suppress equal rights, to today when the black leaders and the media talking heads have framed any debate on welfare and government subsidy as a racist attempt to steal the rights of the black man.   At the same time, the party of Lincoln, the party that actually was responsible for most of the civil rights legislation has accepted into their fold all the children of those southern Democrats and it sure does appear to be a party where diversity is not welcome.  If the Republican’s want to survive they have got to stop being the party where old white men tell everyone else what to do.

I would be a liar if I thought there was much chance to see a more effective government over the next four years, or that we will see an actual shift towards bi-partisan governing.  The American people don’t want it, so why should the politicians?  I think what we will see is an actual loss of healthcare for the elderly, a burdening of the medical system as the government tells doctors how to treat their patients and pays them what they feel like.  I think businesses will shift more and more employees to part time, or they will pay the mandated penalties rather than pay the increasing costs for private health insurance, and those people who lose that coverage will be forced to purchase insurance from the government.  I think we are in for interesting times, but they are the times we have chosen.


Colin said...

There is a lot I could address here, but I will limit myself. I do not know much about the specifics about Elizabeth Warren, but what I gleaned from an admitedly cursory google search seemed pretty nit-picky. I think it is far more likely that what determined the Brown-Warren election was their agreement to not allow help from outside PACs to run ads, forcing both candidates to take ownership and approval of any smearing of their rivals. I sincerely hope this happens in more races (although a doubt it will) I formly beleive that voters have a right to know who is behind politcal ads and candidates have a responsibility to own up to the things said on their behalf. I would like to see anonymous speech removed from our political system. If you are a business and are afraid of losing customers for saying something, either you shouldn;t be saying it or those customers deserve to make their own informed choice of where to go. On a similar note i would like to see everyone go to a districting system similar to what california used this year. There Jerry-Mandering is getting pretty extreme in some places (I recommend you take a look at the North Carolina House district map)

I have to take issue with your implication that population centers lean Democratic only because of dependance on 'government largess.' There is another correlation that you are ignoring. Areas of higher education and areas of high tech industry such as biotechnology and computing also lean strongly Democratic, even when that area is not a strongly urban area (Such as Buncomb County NC)
I whole-heartedly agree with you that both sides of our government need to get their heads out of their behinds and realise that compromise means "Some of what both sides want" not "Only some of what I wanted but none of what you want;" and that all aspects of our country would be improved if everyone investigated the issues with a critical mind and a little google-fu rather than simply swallowing what is told to them by their preferred Biased-Current-Even-Based-Entertainment channel.

wow Wall of text. sorry.
TLDNR: I think honestly in advertising had more to do with beth warren than the 'biased media.' and it isn't only welfare junkies who vote Democratic.

W.B. Picklesworth said...

No, it's not just welfare junkies who vote Democratic. It is, however, people who view government as more positive than negative; they see the good things that the government provides (not necessarily to themselves personally.) They tend not to see some of problems that government produces (dependency, corruption, poorer citizens.) They also don't tend to see that which never exists because of taxation/regulation.

Conservatives, by and large, pay closer attention to the damage that government causes and make the calculation that the benefits are not worth it. The most basic idea is that government largesse of any sort is bought at the cost of liberty and is not worth it. (I suspect the majority of conservatives are not that ideologically pure.)

I abhor the Democratic platform because I think it damages people in the name of helping them. I think progressivism is a misanthrope in sheep's clothing. But I don't think that Democrats think of it this way. In other words, I think they do damage not out of malice, but from lack of wisdom. In trying to help, they are being selfish.

At times I've gotten angry about this, but that's probably a silly reaction. There are things that I just can't perceive; I'm blind to them. And so it with progressives. Most of them are unaware of the terrible damage they are doing and the hateful way that they behave towards their fellow citizens.

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