Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Debate and More Important Matters.

As the debate rages on I find I cannot tolerate it.  There no exchange of ideas, there is only the typical rhetoric and accusations without any real substance.  The one obvious take away for me is Jim Lehrer has no control over the debate, and almost anyone, or better yet no one, could fill the role of moderator better then he did.
So lets talk about baseball!  The Red Sox season has come to a painful conclusion with a record of 69 wins and 93 losses.  The last time Boston has lost 93 or more games in a season was 1965.  Bobby Valentine gave an interview today where he said his coaching staff undermined his efforts.  At game time it was he and 5 players standing for the National Anthem.
The speculation is he will be fired before the night’s out.  I would assume the owners would keep him as manager at least until they get back to Boston.  If they only fire Valentine I think we can look forward to more of them same next year, and here’s why.
Ben Cherington, the GM, has sold off the heart and soul of the team when he cast off Kevin Youkilis, and when Adrian González went to the Dodgers as the sweetener to get rid of some expensive dead wood.  The replacements for these two offer some promise but most of what I saw in the Red Sox line up were journeymen players.  I wonder what kind of farm system he will have to rebuild from?  I also wonder if the current owners will sell the team in the winter.  So many rumors…
I’ll concede the Sox were injury plagued this year, but with the lack of pitching it really didn’t matter now did it?  That old baseball saying of “wait ‘til next year” will be a tough one for Red Sox Nation.

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