Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Darkness & Crickets

It's 05:39 in Pennslyvania and the house is quiet, except for a cricket in the basement calling for a friend.  We are here babysitting, while our daughter and son-in-law get away for a few days to celebrate their anniversary.  They should be home today and overall I think we've been pretty successful.  We started with three kids and a dog, and as of now still have three kids and a dog!  We didn't visit any ER's, nor have we had to request helicopter support for a massive search effort.  In fact, however many band aids we started with is what we have right now.

There are two important lesson's I take away from this weekend+.  First and foremost is children need to run and shout, which explains why the best parents are slightly deaf Olympic runners; the second is parenting is like a wrestling match.  While it can be successfully done by one person, it gets a whole lot easier with two.  If only one is doing all the heavy lifting the kids will go for the Manchurian sleeper hold and knock that parent out!  I think my wife and I did a pretty good job tagging out and confusing the kids so they couldn't mount an organized attack.

Well it will be off to the next set of Grandkids tomorrow, so hopefully my daughter and son-in-law can slide back into their full time roles, and we won't leave the kids too spoiled.

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