Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thoughts on Nomination Night

As I listened to the nomination speeches I am saddened by the realization the underlying themes they speak to will be taken not as encouraging positions, but will be turned by the liberal-progressive commentators and intelligentsia as reflection of a party out of touch with the great strides forward made by the Democrats over these past three plus years, reaffirming for themselves only they have a vision for the future that reflects their great dreams of a worker's paradise.
The speeches reflect the party’s support of family, a belief in a nation where people strive to be self sufficient and are rewarded, where protection of those who have no voice to speak for themselves should be weighed equally with the rights of an individual to destroy them.  They talk about how Americans can and should be the envy of the world, not strive to be just another country in it.
I can only envision how this will be reflected in the news, and by those who have unquestioned support for President Obama, as they look for how the glossy generalities that are a part of every political speech are actually outright lies and distortions because they find some minor error in the presentation.
On the Sunday after the 2008 elections I wrote a blog post, And Then There Was One, in which I wondered how the Democrats would govern,  it was written with the hope they would learn to lead for the common good, but the fear they would or could not move to a middle ground.  
What we have seen for these past four years has been the realization of my fear, where those who would have America and all American’s stop recognizing its exceptional qualities and instead submit to their view of a bigger government -- where states rights, individual rights, and respect for religious independence are pushed aside in the name of a progressive vision.  A nation where unions, and media celebrities set the policies and priorities for the Executive.
I will leave you tonight with this nifty link to just some of the promises made by our President. I suggest they should be considered as you decide who to vote for. The Presidents Promises  It is easy to make promises, but in our system you have to be willing to work towards compromise to achieve them.  That is something the administration does not understand.  Hopefully the next one will.

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