Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Fascination with Destruction

Or Who Wouldn’t Watch This?
There is an interesting human fascination with watching bad things happen, and smugly enjoying the disaster.  Then comes the need to deny that it was enjoyable, or you were even tempted to watch.  How else to you explain the huge ratings all these disaster, reality or all the fake judge shows have?
There was a show; “Destroyed in Second’s” that played, and replayed videos of disasters like the rocket equipped C-130H called “Credible Sport” or a fire at a rocket fuel plant.  Then there are shows like “Big Brother,” or “Wipeout” were we tune in to watch people suffer emotional or physical trauma for the sake of ratings.
Perhaps that is really what draws so many pundits to the media.  A desire to be famous while participating in the destruction of candidates, and if that gets too tame, the destruction of a political system.

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