Friday, August 17, 2012

Thanks for the Optic

I have got to admit I am often caught by surprise over some of the things I learn, even at this advanced stage of my life. There are things I’ve come to expect and when those expectations are realized there is no surprise, but every once in a while I’ve got to step back and collect my thoughts.
It was pointed out this week I am a smirker.  This observation confirms a long standing complaint from my wife that I am a habitual smirker.  Apparently when confronted with some silliness or someone else’s foibles I smirk.  It is not a good quality, probably akin to the nail biting I do, but at least it has not risen to the level where people feel compelled to have me arrested for smirking.
So with this background what has caused me to smirk this week?
Let’s start with baseball.  The Boston Red Sox, while not in last place in the division, are pretty darn close.  I find it funny the media has set out to make a big deal out of players being upset with Manager Bobby Valentine, their meeting with the ownership group, and then coming out and saying the players realize they are not playing well so it's really the players fault.  Sorry, I smirk at that!
Next we have the Presidential Campaign.  How can I contain myself, it is a regular Smirkfest!  First we have the Mr. Biden telling his loyal followers that the Republican’s want to put them “back into chains.”  The Democratic Party, and Mr. Biden will stoop to any level they can get away with, if they think it will keep them in the White House.  First it was class warfare, now race warfare.  There was some mild condemnation on the part of the media, but I am bemused over the lack of mainstream media response to this inflammatory rhetoric.  The next world shattering debate is on Mr. Romney’s tax returns, and the outcry from the Party of Elizabeth Warren and President Obama who together have more secret documents they won’t release then all of Kenosha WI.  That fact that this continues to stand out in the news makes me wonder if the media thinks we are all stupid, or just the half of us who are working hard to get on one of those Judge Judy shows?  Speaking of the Presidential Campaign, with the selection of Mr. Ryan I have got to say Mr. Romney has surprised me.  In Mr. Ryan I find a politician who articulates extremely well what I fear to be the downfall of this country.  He is not afraid to put on the table a plan that will be unpopular, but offers a clear choice.  I am not smirking about that!  I had been afraid Mr. Romney would be like President Bush, the elder, or President Obama and chose a weak VP running mate to ensure he wasn’t upstaged by him.  My hat is off to Mr. Romney on his choice.
Something that takes a smirk right off my face!  This week there were some significant tragedies.  There were instances where supposedly allied forces turned their weapons on our troops, and a helicopter went down killing 11.  To the families of those men who will be coming home wrapped in the flag of our country I am so terribly sorry for your loss.  There was also a terrorist event here in the US, that seems to be buried way, way, back in the news.  There was a shooting at the Family Research Council, a conservative organization, and the attacker?  He is an individual who takes issue with their conservative views and advocates for gay rights.  Where is the outcry we hear so often from the mainstream media and radical left for justice of victims of hate crimes?
Visions of the future!  I read the latest Air Force Policy Directive and Air Force Instruction 1-1 today.  As I read through the instruction I am kind of amazed at the issues we as an organization have to talk about and set standards for, since our society seems unwilling or unable to provide a solid core of individuals with the judgment necessary to fit into our segment of society.  Perhaps it has always been this way, but I don’t remember guidance having to cover the amount or types of tattoos you can have, body piercing, and even how to care for your home.  For those who are interested in what is expected of our airman perhaps you should skim through AFI 1-1. There is an interesting paragraph on diversity now.
Finally, words sometimes befuddle me.  I’ve come to appreciate that young people will come up with a language all their own, probably as a way of extending their independence from their parents, but when I get hit with new words from my bosses, sometimes I have to suppress a smirk.  That is my optic for the night!

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Jeannette said...

Really? You are smirky- as in irritatingly smug or silly?
Your concerns ring true, your acknowledgement of loses and sorrows of people serving is solemnity and respect much needed...
And you do the work to communicate...
but none of this I am saying is to argue with your wife or doubt what must be her well earned knowledge of you, so perhaps in some realms you do smirk?

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