Friday, August 24, 2012

In Morning

In past postings, I’ve noted the morning calm is a wonderful time to collect your thoughts and gather yourself.  It is a time, without distraction, when you can look into your soul, open it to God, with thanksgiving for your blessings.
As I sit here, the trumpets of Revile echo through the air, reminding me of those whose countless sacrifices make it possible for me to worship as I wish, live as I like, and argue with others who see a different body politic.
For those Men and Women I offer this simple prayer.
Lord, please show Your mercy on the men and women who serve in defense of the people and the nation.  Guide them in their tasks, calm their spirit in the face of danger, and receive into your home those that sacrifice themselves for others.  
As they come home from distant lands soften their hearts that they may reach out and be comforted before they are lost of all hope and take their lives through grief and despair.  These things we ask in your Son’s name, Amen. 

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