Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Does God Like Republicans more than Democrats?

This question, or a variation of it, played itself out this week in the news… first from one side, then the other. There is Dana Milbank, a democratic loyalist with the Washington post, and this counter from Ann Althouse, a blogger and Law Professor at the University of Wisconsin.  Then Daniel Strauss, writing for the “The Hill” points out that Samuel L. Jackson tweeted out his lack of understanding on why God wasn’t disrupting the Republicans and instead steering towards New Orleans, a city filled with loyal Democrats. 
Rush Limbaugh on the other hand takes a more secular approach, by “not alleging a conspiracy” but only suggesting that the National Hurricane Center had altered the models used to project Isaac’s path to “cast a pall” over the convention.
Religion and politics are dangerous subjects when discussed individually in general company, together they can only become more explosive, but since I have the next day or so with not so much to do besides watch the wind and rain I might as well share my views on them.
To take from Karl Marx, “Die Religion… ist das Opium des Volkes” or Religion is the opium of the people.  This dismissive, elitist sentiment reflects the secular, human centered position of so many progressives.  There is no God, and we humans are in complete control.  It is offset by the equally radical position of so many fundamental churches’ that see God’s wrath or favor in every little act of nature that befalls our friends, our enemies, or us.
Each of us must form our own understanding of God, our relationship with him, how that relates to our role in society, and the purpose of life.  But no matter how you view God, to believe he has an interest in world politics or more importantly your view of politics seems on its face either blindly naïve or supremely arrogant.  

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