Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Baseball… been Berra Good to Me! (with apologies to Garret Morris)

While I don’t normally comment on Major League Baseball, being married to a Red Sox fan does on occasion require some constraint and forbearance.  Don’t get me wrong; I don’t care too much for the Yankees, although George Steinbrenner, his family and the Yankees organization have provided wonderful support to the SOF Warrior Foundation.  The foundation provides full college scholarships to the children of SOF (SEALS, SF, Rangers, AFSOC, and MARSOC) soldiers, sailors, airman and marines who have paid for the defense of America with their lives.  But this year is different and I feel compelled to go on record to say I think the Red Sox’s have a management team in Ben Cherington and Bobby Valentine that rivals the baseball aplomb of Harry Frazee, who sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees to finance a Broadway play.
If the Red Sox finish above .500 this year, it will be despite these two not because of them.  With a pitching staff starting line up that centers on a pair that have a combined record of 10 and 19 with an ERA around 5.0, a third that got sent back to the minors because he couldn’t get the ball past a batter and a bull pen that seems to have a bet on who can have the highest earned run average it seems unlikely they win more than they lose.  Top that off with the sparkling personality of the #1 pitcher.   If Beckett pitched any slower the games would be called because of boredom.  Only with Becket can you watch the count go to 3-2, get up; fix a sandwich, hit the bathroom and still make it back in time to see the same batter hit it out of the park.

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