Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ramblings of a Father, on Father’s Day

There are no perfect fathers.  There may be great, good, fair and bad fathers, but since they are all, or now mostly all, men they can’t be perfect.
The value of a father in a child’s life depends on two things.  The first is involvement the second is consistency, children need to know you will be there and that when you say something it certain.  Without these values there is confusion.
Too many fathers fail to understand their father’s mistakes and carry them forward to their own families.
It is easy to be a father; it is tough to be a Dad.
Success is measured by achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself.  Success in life — by the impact you’ve had on those around you.
Government involvement and oversight does not make better fathers.
Being consistent and always backing your children in a conflict is not the same thing.  Odds are 50% of the time your kid is probably on the wrong side of the issue.  Sometimes you’ve got to be judge and jury.
If you are fighting with your wife (or mate), there are no really good options with the kids.  Everyone is going to pay some kind of price; hopefully the fight was worth it.
Lastly, everyone talks about equality, but no one really wants it.  Everyone wants to be in charge.  Those who argue the loudest want it the least.  Given the chance, they are the first to impose their views on the rest of society, so they really don’t want equality they want dominance.

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Blessed and Broken said...

oh my you are going so PC...blech!

Happy Father's day Dad.

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