Saturday, June 2, 2012

Graduations and New Beginnings

This is the time of year when academic institutions traditionally allow the students held captive for the prescribed sentence to escape and enter the next phase of their lives.  Whether pre-school, kindergarten, high school, college or beyond there are people running around with caps and gowns all over the place, and posting their pictures to Facebook.  To all, I offer my congratulations and this unsolicited advice – the easy bit is over; now comes the hard stuff! 
This holds true no matter what you are graduating from or moving on to.  There are a number of clich├ęs that talk of life being a journey, and for none of us is it a simple trip down a gentle slope.  Each part of our journey through life offers bigger challenges, deeper hurts, greater joys, and larger rewards as we face and overcome them.  Along each part there will be those who succeed and others who give up to failure.  Those are the unfortunate ones.  Failure is a good teacher if we learn and move on from it.  Don’t be afraid of failing, but don’t use it as a reason to quit.  You hold the keys to the future — don’t give them away through doubt, self-pity, indifference, or addiction.
Good Luck and Good Journey!

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