Saturday, June 23, 2012

From the Land of Good Ideas

Your view of the world is a matter of perspective.  If you are on the top of an organizational tree you look out and survey the world around you.  If you are on the bottom of that same tree you look up to see only posteriors above you.

When you dismiss the reality of depending on other people you can lay out a fool’s plan that’s looks really good to the boss, but will fail because you discount the problems of others as irrelevant.

In any project you are responsible for three things, cost, schedule and performance.  You can only really control two of those variables.  If you want it fast and cheap you will sacrifice performance, if you want it to perform and don’t want to pay much then schedule goes out the window.  Choose wisely.

No one seems to be terribly interested in really figuring out what is causing our economy to sit like a rotting piece of carrion in the middle of the road.  The President has his ideas, based as far as I can tell on spending dollars we don’t have, to pay for things he would like to have, so people will vote for him.  The Congress doesn’t really have a clue, but thinks we should spend more dollars on things they like, and not on things the President likes, and we’ve yet to find out what the Supreme Court thinks.  Best I can figure out, the more the federal government tries to manage the economy the longer it is messed up.  For example President Franklin D. Roosevelt was actively engaged in fixing the economy from 1932 until 194o, when he was distracted by the war.  Until he put most of the male workforce in uniform fighting the Germans, Italians and Japanese the economy sat there in depression.  I may be alone here, but it kind of looks to me like that same liberal strategy is having the same affect on today’s economy.

Random question:  Why don’t baseball uniforms have collars?

Voyager has left, or is getting close to leaving, our Solar System.  Funny that NASA could build a satellite that was launched in 1977 and is still working today, but somehow finding an affordable way to space is beyond them.  

Speaking of Voyager, or as it was in Star Trek - The Motion Picture, V-ger, I hope we remembered to write down the pass code so that Admiral James Kirk can shut it off before it destroys the earth.  Good-bye Carl Sagan -- your recording travels on.  I hope whoever finds it will not have yet transitioned to IPods and MP3 players and still has a record player.

Hopefully this year’s Presidential debates will be limited to one question and 30 minutes, including commercials, so Americans don’t lose interest and fall asleep in the middle.  Or, maybe they could be staged as commercial interruptions to “American Idol, the audition episodes.”   That way we could be enthralled by some off-key tenor singing a Justin Bieber hit (if there is such a thing), see the debate, and return in time for an inspirational story of a poor little girl who has lost all her friends, but can sing the lights out and get her "ticket to Hollywood!"

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