Sunday, April 15, 2012

Magnolia Trees

It is tragic when a tree species is ravaged by disease.  In past years we have had American Chestnut Blight, Amerilla Root Rot, Anthranose and Leaf Spot Disease, Annosus Root Rot, Aspen Canker, Bacterial Wetwood (also called slim flux), Beech Bark Disease, the list goes on and on.  We have your Dutch Elm Disease, Dwarf Mistloe, Sooty Mold, Sudden Oak Death, Verticillium Wilt and White Pine Blister Rust.
There is no justice in the world!  Not one of these terrible plagues will kill the Magnolia that trashes my front yard with its continual tree droppings.


Anonymous said...

ahhh but the pleasure it gives people at christmas when the blue and white lights are on....probably even helps the pilots with the approach to hurlburt!

kathleen said...

John when I read your post I laughed! It could have been bob!! I love our magnolia trees, of course he does the yard work so all I ever hear is the complaints about all the mess from things dropping from the trees several time a year! That said he was the first one to take photos of the tree this year! And I think he secretly enjoys those trees as much as you!! Just needs to grumble at all the mess!!

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