Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It is a Slippery Slope

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Officials with the Los Angeles Unified School District were considering a plan on Wednesday that would lower standards for graduation and even allow students to pass key classes with a “D” grade.
Funny – I was watching the Master’s Golf Tournament a couple of weeks ago, and Exxon-Mobile commercials were showing how America ranked in the world in Math and Science.  They were pushing for better support for education and higher standards for performance.
I guess the Los Angeles Unified School District didn’t get the memo.  As the professional educators put their collective brains together on how to address the deplorable standards of the LA school system, where only 15% of graduates can qualify for the University of California or Cal State University systems they come up with the answer… If we can’t meet the minimum standards, then lower the standards.
If that is not a union’s approach to protect its members than I don’t know what is? 

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