Saturday, April 14, 2012


Hermits have a singular allure in our nation.  Individuals who divorce themselves from society to live alone, attempting to become completely separate from the world that surrounds them.  On the one hand our nation owes a great debt to past generations of hermits who through this separation discovered much of the land we now call the United States, or wrote about life at Walden Pond.  On the other, hermits are feared for their anti-social behavior that when threatened can manifest itself in violence, as evidenced by Mr. Krasinski.
As our planet fills with humans, and the density of people per square kilometer increases, where will the next generation of hermits go?  How much will society increase pressures for all individuals to conform?  Will they band together as they did in the 1960’s?

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John David said...

The guy from The Office??? jk - I know who you meant.

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