Saturday, July 31, 2010

An Interesting Summer

It is now Saturday, the 31st, and at 6 pm it is still 95 degrees outside. The News media have confirmed that Global Warming is now past the point of debate, the oil well in the gulf is capped and the former BP President/CEO can now get his life back. It is nice to know that all is returning to normal.
On a personal note this has been a very nice summer. we had two weddings and receptions to attend. My son's was first and it went off pretty smoothly with us hosting the rehearsal dinner at a Marriott filled with deaf lesbians and the Meagan's parents hosting the reception at a very nice hall somewhere near their  home. Long Island remains a mystery to me. Apparently not all the deaf lesbian's where having a good time, I was in an elevator and hand's were flying as two of the women were in what seemed like a heated debate. Maybe it was about having to ride up with me?
Ah how time flies when you're having fun. It's now two weeks later and I'm just now getting back to edit this post. We have company and the Mary Lou and her cousin have gone out and I am the responsible adult for Lori's two boys. They are are both teenagers and are playing Wii so how hard can this be? I don't have to change diapers and they know where the refrig, microwave and garbage cans are...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Graduation Season

This is graduation season, and as normal I've just received the typical high school class of 2010 notice, with picture and calling card. Nothing too exceptional in this, but it gives me a chance to reflect on the right of passage this exercise commemorates.

Every year a countless number of teens graduate from high school, in looking for this number I find study after study outlining all the problems with graduating, teen pregnancy, drug use, gang crime, illiteracy, etc., but no one seems to document how many kids actuality do graduate. Really not too important for my discussion, but surely someone must know how many there are each year.
For the vast majority of these graduates, this day will mark their transition from child to adult. They will now be completely responsible for the choices they make, but for too many they will not understand and they continue to find reason not to accept that role. It will be someone else's fault for their decisions, it will be someone else's responsibility to choose. I hope that for the most part these new members of our society will choose wisely and grow into successful adults.

Good luck to you all.
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