Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Terms of Agreement

Have you ever wondered why states can set term limits for their elected officials and the Federal Government can't? Maybe it's because we pay our Representatives and Senator's to be career politicians who maintain permanent residences in the Washington DC area and have no incentive to ever leave.

While I am sure most Congressman start out with the best of intentions, how long before they become part of the problem and think only of their financial benefit and reelection? One term, two, three? It will be interesting to track Scott Brown to see this evolution. Right now it appears he is being true to his platform and not locked into party lines... how long will that last?

It would be nice if each time we elect someone we and they have to sign a contract that lays out what they are expected to accomplish and we get to keep score. If they don't get a C or higher they fail and can't run for reelection.
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