Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Sleep well American, your Secretary of Transportation is on the Job

Tonight I witnessed an almost comical interview with the Secretary of Transportation, the Honorable Ray LaHood. Brian Williams of NBC was interviewing him about the Toyota Recall, and his comments before the House Appropriations Committee. In this interview Mr. LaHood must have mentioned he will not sleep until this issue is resolved about a dozen times.
When asked a direct question his response usually began with "Rest assured I will not sleep until the American people are protected, the issue is resolved, Toyota completes the recall, or about a half dozen other cliches.

In checking his credentials I learned he was previously an Illinois Congressman, and Junior High School teacher. Undoubtedly he was an inspiration to his young charges and it was an interest in improving their future that spurred him into politics, but as a Republican Congressman he stood out as only one of two Republicans who refused to sign the Contract with America authored by Newt Gingrich for the 1994 elections.

Since it looks like this Toyota recall issue is going to take a month or two to resolve itself, it appears someone is in for a very long period of staying awake. Fortunately, as Secretary of Transportation, and long term Illinois Congressman Mr. LaHood should have an in with the teamsters and be able to find the appropriate stay awake aids so popular with long haul truckers a few years back.

Sleep well America, your Secretary of Transportation is on the Job! Probably really really sleepy, but on the job.
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