Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Things to be Thankful For.

Today I am sitting in the USO lounge at Philadelphia Int'l Airport. What an under appreciated organization they are. When I was on active duty I don't think they had the outreach they have now. This facility provides the men and woman of the armed forces, as well as their families a place to stretch out, relax, get something to eat and prepare for the next stage of their trip. Thank you USO!

So what brings me to Philly? I came up as a personal obligation to celebrate the life of my Mother's twin sister Bobbetta Jean Stewart. Aunt Bobbie was the last of the Ingraham's (my maternal Grandparents) and with her passing it is inevitable the ties to the surviving Stewart's; Louise, Beth, Cecil, and George will begin to stretch and erode. Her life was filled with trials and tribulations, but through it all she was loving, gentle, and gracious. We will all be poorer for her passing, but I've got to believe she is at rest and in a better place.

This trip also afforded me a wonderful chance to visit my Daughter, Son-in-Law, and Granddaughter. Hannah is now 25 months old and turning into a wonderfully charismatic youngster. Her smile is infectious and she is learning so much each day that its obvious her Mom and Dad are doing the right things. She walks around the house singing the ABC song. Her vocabulary is remarkable, it just takes some concentration to work through the pronunciation. I am sure her progress towards a fully rambunctious child will be filled with many moments I will regret missing, but with the technology we have available, even separated by 1,000 miles, we can be a part of her life. Thank you Hannah for the joy you brought me on this visit.

Finally, as I return home I look forward to seeing my wife of 32 years, and sharing with her the hopes for a bright future. Compared to so many in this country we are secure and comfortable and able to share those blessings with our children and those less fortunate than us.

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Nobel Prize for Peace

The Nobel Prize for Peace, originated from a grant by Alfred Nobel, is the only Nobel Prize not awarded in Stockholm Sweden. Alfred Nobel made that choice as part of the bequeath, and the Norwegians have embraced that duty. If you ever visit Oslo you will be reminded of the distinction on several occasions during your stay.

Today President Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. An award for which he was nominated roughly 2 weeks after his entering office. As I look at past winners they run the gamut from the Quakers to the UN Nuclear Energy Commission, from Le Duc Tho to Mother Teresa. I believe there have been two sitting Presidents who've received this award, Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. Both received theirs for ending wars and moving toward peace. A third president, Jimmy Carter, was awarded the Nobel prize for his decades of efforts toward international peace.

We can only speculate on the discussions held in Oslo leading to this award but it appears the committee is awarding now based on potential. Let us all pray they are correct, and the President fulfills his potential and finds an end to the current terrorist threats and wars.
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