Saturday, June 27, 2009

The problem with Jet Ski's

The problem with Jet Ski's is they require you to keep them running.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


As I surf through television channels, looking to watch something, besides the movies I've watched a couple dozen times, I am amazed by the hundreds of foolish reality shows, and how little imagination goes into them. Right now reality shows seem to have rule in the secondary channels like Discovery, UPN, Lifetime. I suspect it is for two reasons, first it is relatively cheap to produce, and most importantly Americans have become a nation of voyeurs.

It seems the current fad is watching the disintegration of Jon and Kate's (?) marriage. A couple who have found a way to make a living off the exploitation of their eight children. Not only do you have the simple reporting of their problems, but you have the color commentators who allegedly have the inside line on who's done what to who, who is fooling around with who, and what are the odds for whatever. It seems like a lot of people talking about something that really is a "who cares?" issue.

Then it dawned on me... Is this all an orchestrated marketing campaign to set up a new show? Perhaps "Jon and Kate go Their Separate Ways," or "Jon and Kate; Who Gets to Exploit the 8?"
With Jon gone, who will Kate get to push around, her kids? Surely all the liberal woman of the world will band together to give her advice on why its Jon's fault.

Perhaps I need to go back to reading books again?
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