Friday, August 8, 2008

A Question of Self Importance

I haven't posted in a month, there are two reasons for this. First, I've been very busy, but more importantly I didn't have anything to say. This evening is a little different. As the 2008 Olympics begin in the background I need to get something off my chest.

I was in a meeting today, with a group of Air Force Colonels. We were discussing a way to overcome a problem the Air Force Special Operations Command is having. We all agreed to a course of action, with the usual caveats that as long as their personnel or their personnel positions were not taken they were all for the solution.

In the course of discussion one of the Colonels mentioned that a friend who would be retiring shortly was available to develop various options, as long as the work was "O-6, or Colonel level work." The clear statement was his friend did not see himself wasting time on a project he found at a level below his stature.

The more I consider this position the more I find to to be a sad testament to our commitment to improvement. The AF leadership seems to me more about status then rolling up their sleeves and doing the disciplined work it takes to affect change. It appears to be true from the lowest levels up to the Generals. I wonder if this was always the case?

Perhaps I take too personnally the future of Air Force Special Operations? It seems I've been associated most of my adult life and it was the failure of myself and my colleges that lead to the command we know today. I would hate to think when I do leave it won't be better than when it was created from the ashes of our failure.
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