Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Isn't it Racism?

Claims of cultural appropriation and racism are all the rage these days.  I read a few weeks ago where some Latina and Black women at Pitzer College were outraged at the white women in their college having the nerve to wear hoop earrings!  They chose to make their concerns known, and as in normal these days, painted their objection on their “free speech wall.”  When one blonde white girl was confused, the resident assistant at the center of this cultural debate sent out a campus wide e-mail to explain how white women wearing hoop earrings was appropriating all her core values as a WOC (woman of color), and they should stick to tiny little clip-on earrings so beloved by the WOW (white older women).  This got me to thinking about how we need to clean up all this cultural appropriation. 
How can major cities, all led by culturally sensitive progressive Democratic mayors and City Councils, allow the vestiges of racism and segregation to continue in their communities.  How many cities like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco exist where we have a “China Town, Little Italy, Little Havana, or Little Switzerland” communities?  Places where they allow anyone, including the culturally insensitive, to come in and culturally appropriate away? 
While I'm at it, what about the obviously racist approach where we “expect” the people of appropriate ethnic heritage to live in the same place.  We need to stop this right now.  I expect by the next election cycle all these offending places will be destroyed and all the self-driving Uber cars reprogrammed.
As a disclaimer, I admit these ideas didn’t occur until after I had a couple of beers, and had been sitting for a few hours watching baseball in the hot Florida sun.  I have found these are the times best suited for deep political thought.   
It is a shame I don’t have my own “free speech wall” to paint these ideas on.  This blog will have to suffice.

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