Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Mind is Made Up.

My mind is made up, and nothing you say or do will ever alter my opinion.  So it is in the world today.  Everyone knows what they know, and if someone else believes something different then they are wrong.  Think about it.  Pick a topic, any topic and tell me why what you believe is right, or why the other side is wrong.  For most they may be able to articulate what they believe, but how about articulating why the opposite may be valid?  No, much better to spend the time in condemnation, vilifying the other side as un-American, un-Patriotic, uninformed, or just unintelligent.  Today, let me celebrate the wisdom of Joseph de Maistre, an 18th century lawyer, diplomat, writer and philosopher from what is now the Savoy region of France who coined the expression “every country gets the government it deserves” or “in a democracy people get the leaders they deserve.”
While about half the nation celebrates this President, and the changes he is implementing, the other half have chosen to protest, riot, and condemn.  
Unfortunately, I believe in all cases the people have gotten the leader they deserve. 
I would also note it didn't take President Obama long to break with tradition and join the condemnation of his successor. 

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EMax said...

Right on track as always!

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