Tuesday, November 1, 2016

What is the Truth? You Can’t Stand the Truth!

Taken from the movie “A Few Good Men” this title is not an exact quote, but it serves to shape this discussion.

The Democrats are in a damage control mode, while the Republicans are in a take advantage mode for this last week of what has been a historic Presidential race, one that offers a dark forecast for national politics for the next term, regardless the eventual outcome.  The cup of hypocrisy runneth over for both parties. Have we become a nation where the truth in all things is relative, and the pursuit of the truth can be considered unethical if it does not conform to the political needs?

As the population goes to the polls and place their vote for, or against, some candidate what truth does each individual seek in their decision process?  That seems to be the $64,000 question.  I know what my priority was, and I suspect I know the priorities of most of my friends.  What I don’t know, is what do the majority of voters believe.

Poll after poll is pushed out by the news media, a conglomeration of like thinking organization that have shown themselves to have a distinct bias.  I believe this is an effort not to show what people are thinking, but to shape the truth in a way that will influence the final outcome.  That is why I’ve long believed reporting poll results as if it were news should not be allowed.

Most American citizens have neither the desire, or the need to know the deepest workings of the Presidential mind.  Did the fact Franklin D. Roosevelt cheated on Eleanor make him a less effective President?  What they need to know is does he or she truly have the nation’s best interest at heart, and can he/she work with the legislative bodies to improve the lives of the citizens.  In this election I am not sure there is a candidate on the ballot that meets either of those requirements.

What I do know is at least one party puts the needs of non-citizens above the needs of Americans.  That is the truth.

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EMax said...

Well said John! I agree totally.

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