Friday, October 21, 2016

Predictions of Things Past

There is a whole industry of fortune tellers, psychics, and mystics prepared to help you see into the future for a small donation to their personal welfare funds.  I have no experience with these people other than at an occasional carnival where they would promise to tell me when I was born.  I found their reliability about the same as the California car mechanic who would tell me not to worry, the work wouldn’t cost very much, and then after it was done tell me how the fluximagator was completely corroded and had to have the flambozzler replaced for only $500 dollars, while my Volvo continued dripping oil on the driveway.
I have found I am much better at looking at the past, than predicting the future.  I will admit, this is not the best quality for a navigator charged with directing a plane to a precise location, but such was my skill.  So let’s get on with my predictions.
I predict a Washington outsider will become President.  He will draw on the patriotism of the average American to defeat the urban elites who condemn American imperialism.  One his first day in office a foreign power will return the 54 hostages they held for 444 days for they understood he would not negotiate, and would in all likelihood use overwhelming force to secure their return.  In the course of his two terms he will set the stage for a resurgence of the US economy, and see the collapse of the Soviet Union, leaving the US as the most powerful nation standing.  He will also set the stage for an economic down turn with the national debt he leaves behind.
I predict the Democrats will steal a Presidential election through the use of voter fraud, support from big city bosses, and media culpability providing the eventual winner with a .17% (2/10 of 1 percent) win in the popular vote, but more importantly putting the Democratic candidate over the top in the necessary electoral college votes.
Finally, I predict the Cubs will win the World Series.

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