Monday, August 17, 2015

When Does Life Begin?

The second part of this question is who is the authority that gets to decide?  These are legitimate questions and ones the Supreme Court has so far declined to answer.  So, if they are not the definitive authority – then who is?
We hear the political rants about the Conservatives War on Women, as if there are no Conservative Women, but even the Supreme Court recognizes it is not a woman’s right to choose.  Sorry for all you who believe Roe v. Wade gives you that right, it doesn’t.  What SCOTUS said in its majority opinion is it was a decision made by the Doctor in consolidation with the woman during the first trimester. 

So here we are some 43 years later with huge advances in neonatal care.  Yet with close to 58,000,000 abortions since 1973, those in favor of a doctor's right to choose are unwilling to define the beginning of life. Could it possibly be because the industry is so profitable for those involved?
Is our society richer for the deaths?  Are the women comforted by the ability to end life at their whim?

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Jeannette said...

Thinking can cause a lot of pain really. There are so many issues; I am responding a bit to your earlier post as well.

It seems important, at a certain level, to accept that one is, to a degree, a relic of a former time. I am not suggesting that one not think, or stop kicking a bit, or cast one's vote and sings one's song. I think it wonderful to not give up and to continue to seek to inform and challenge and inspire others... I just want to say hey...yes- John- and isn't it amazing that so much needs spelling out?

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