Monday, May 19, 2014

Sometimes it's a Fine Line

The other day I saw a facebook post by a famous advocate for LGBT rights.  This is someone who has been very vocal about bullying and how it has to be stopped.

The thing that caught my attention was the cartoon he posted.  It showed two clouds sneaking up on a third cloud and then startling it with a bolt of lightening.  This caused the innocent cloud to drop all its rain.  Over 246,000 people thought this worth "liking"

I wonder if the reaction would have been the same if it were something other than clouds?  Keep the premise, but imagine different characters.  Would that be seen as bullying?  I suspect the answer is yes.

It sure is funny how context can make all the difference, and someone can see the humor in one, and vile behavior in the other, without realizing the mixed message of condemning the individuals, but not the nature of the act itself.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Your Friendly Government Monopoly.

I grew up in New York, in a Democratic stronghold.  As someone who attended a high school named after our towns most famous resident, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, I was taught that monopolies were evil, they eliminated competition, would ultimately harm the consumer, whose rights must be protected by a benevolent government. 
For this reason the Sherman Act, the Clayton Act, and Federal Trade Commission Act were passed to prevent the formation of cartels and assure the consumer of a free market where competition works to keep prices low.
It amazes me to see the new society push for government monopolies to solve our health care issues and at the same time see the same people wail so loudly when the FCC (another government monopoly) proposes to change the internet policies so service providers can restrict what information they provide.
As I grew and moved away from Hyde Park, I learned the world is a dynamic place and there are several truths.
Ø  If you count of the government to fix your problem you will be disappointed in the result.
Ø  If the government seems benevolent it is only because those in power think it serves their interest.
Ø  Everyone has an opinion on what should be done, but those who grease the wheels of government get the largest vote.  This includes corporations, unions, and private citizens who have the cash.
Ø  Teaching people to expect something for nothing does not improve individual self-worth.

Ø  For selfish reasons, those who control a government monopoly will move in the direction of money.
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