Saturday, December 28, 2013

Is it Profit, or Greed?

I can only shake my head at some of the things I read in today’s instant communication world.  The beautiful thing about this world is we don’t need to spend much time in contemplation, for if we do, the thing we may be contemplating has been replaced by three or four newer controversies.
For example, the issue with that show on A&E… you know, the one about the global duck-call industry?  As this plays itself out, it seems everyone gets to be indignant.  The company, as well as a restaurant chain, made a hasty decision to punish one of the cast members for something he said in an interview, that apparently upset the decision makers at the two companies so they took immediate, and perhaps not well reasoned, action. 
First the right was upset and raised their voices in defense of this individual for his right to speak his mind, or to question the two companies motives.  When the companies realized their potential profits were at risk, both have reversed their initial positions.

Now the left is upset, and are voicing their outrage over the sell out of the television channel to corporate greed.  So I have to wonder, when a company makes a business decision, realizes it will affect its bottom line and perhaps lead to loss of profit, and then reverses its decision -- is it always considered greed?  How about when a non-profit organization makes a choice, realizes its income is negatively affected and reverses itself?  Is that greed too?

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