Monday, July 8, 2013

A Few Simple Observations

Ø Reporters covering airline crashes seem to highlight the most irrelevant facts as they try and explain what happened when they haven’t a clue.
o   The approach lights weren’t working.  Like they were necessary to find the runway on a bright sunny day and would have changed the outcome
o   Why did so many passengers evacuate with bags?  So with only two deaths, one perhaps caused by responding emergency vehicles this is the pressing question for the Forbes aviation safety expert?
Ø A couple of semi-relevant facts regarding the crash as San Francisco
o   Asiana 214 was traveling slower than normal… Wow, this is actually kind of relevant but it was also flying lower than normal so why not cover that mistake too?
o   The pilot only had 43 hours in the aircraft, but he has over 10,000 hours total, including time in the Boeing 747.  
Both pilots at the controls still messed up!
Ø Cable network news needs to get a life, or maybe the people who watch cable news need to
o   When CNN, HLN, MSNBC and FOX find it necessary to cover sensational trials at the expense of real news it doesn’t say much for either them or their viewers.
o   The Weather Channel has run out of weather and perhaps should share time with the aforementioned news networks who need to find something better to do
Ø With the death of Jason-1 (the ocean height measuring satellite) and a decay rate that will keep it orbiting until the year 3013ish it seems like the perfect government job to hire someone to keep track of it.
Ø Certain pilots, who shall remain nameless, but are the latest in a linage that trace its roots back to the R-4 and SH-19 really should take a course in logic and writing instead of whatever they do in their free time

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