Monday, November 12, 2012

Climate Change

The climate is changing, anyone who says it is not is either a fool or oblivious to the history of the planet, or perhaps both.  This is a subject of great discussion by those most ill equipped to deal with it, scientists and politicians.  Some scientists believe this change is caused by the 7 billion plus people on the earth and this feeds a position by some politicians it is mostly caused by US and European conservatives. Other scientists are not so sure it is just the hot air coming from politicians but perhaps some other natural force like volcanoes may somehow have a role in causing it.  This makes those very same conservatives dig in their heels, light their cigars, and say such stupid things as, “I don’t see the climate changing; it was just a simple storm, and besides you have no proof!”
As our climate does change, the question before us is do we think we can affect that change?  There are those who argue we must, and the solution is to stop putting all the industrial pollution in the air, then the hole in the ozone layer will close up, the polar ice caps will refreeze and we will be just peachy keen!  So we should abandon all petrochemical production, coal burning, and petroleum based pollution devices like cars, trains, boats and planes.  Or as a compromise we must limit them so severely that things like solar and wind power return to their rightful place on top of the power grid.
For a while nuclear was viewed as clean energy since it didn’t have any nasty petrochemical thingies, but it does have an annoying tendency when it fails to create a radio active area where turtles have two heads and deer glow in the dark.  So until we can come up with Mr. Fusion, atomic power that has got to take a back seat to good ol’ Mr. Wind, Mrs. Sun, Ms. Geo-thermal, and perhaps Mr. Waves.  So how do we return to those bygone days where we were not so dependent on finding dinosaur burial grounds?
To do this we clearly need a bigger government, with more right thinking scientists, bureaucrats and politicians to determine the best number of pollutants to allow into the air, and to fund the creation of better solar, wind or other alternative power sources for our planes, trains, boats and cars.  We also need increased regulatory guidance so we know when and where we are allowed to travel, what form of travel we are to use and how much we must pay for all this.
Or is there some alternative?  H’mmmm I wonder?

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