Saturday, October 13, 2012

Mr. Biden or Mr. Ryan

Well here we are 48 hours after the debate.  I doubt it changed any minds for the party faithful.  The players performed as expected, Mr. Ryan was calm, articulate, and on point, actually answering most of the questions without having to read between the lines.  Mr. Biden fulfilled his roll of attacking Mr. Romney's gaffs as if they were the most telling insights into the candidate.

I'll defer to the pundits to comment on the VP's behavior but from my perspective, both the President and VP reflected the Jeckel-Hyde character of this administration.  They've spent the last four years dividing the nation, blaming others and not accepting responsibility for the failures of the government.  Even though they controlled both houses for the first two years it is the Republican controlled House that is solely responsible for the failure to limit spending and slow the recovery.

Mr. Biden said something in passing that I would like to talk about "I have never said something I didn't believe."  I would love for someone to find a Biden vote against, or condemnation of the wars earlier than 2007 when it became a Democratic talking point.  I guess the bottom line is believing in a lie makes it alright?

Another interesting answer dealt with his faith, and the Church's pro-life position.  His response that he wouldn't think of imposing his personal views on women but still accepts the church's view as a good Catholic.  If someone has so little conflict with morally opposite positions should he really be a heartbeat away from being President?

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Jeannette said...

I admire how calmly you have discussed this...and made some good points in the meantime.

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