Tuesday, September 11, 2012


So much has been written about this day in 2001 that I doubt I add very much with the few words I will put down.  We are engaged in a global struggle that few of us understand or actually know about.  As much as some would point out this is not a conflict with Islam, it is a conflict pushed upon is by Islamics.  Until the clarics of that faith raise up and condemn the violence against the West it will continue and no amount of diplomacy or support for Arab Srings will change that one iota.
I listened to CNN's Fareed Zakaria explain how conservatives and members of the Tea Party were scared of the changes happening around them, and were not like President Reagan who showed an optimism for the future, therefore they were unwilling and unable to accept the changes they must.  It is exactly that type of dismissive generalization from the media that leads the current administration to believe they can just run the country as they want.

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