Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gun Control; A Fools Errand

Just assuming we would come to some kind of agreement on what the Second Amendment really means, or we were to repeal it, who really thinks guns would magically disappear from the globe?  For if they don’t disappear from the globe, they won’t disappear from the street no matter how much you would like to legislate them out of existence.
If you think I am wrong in this premise then just show me how legislating Marijuana, Amphetamines, Opiates, and Hallucinogens as controlled and illegal substances has been successful and cost effective?
If you want to legislate gun control start with entertainment and see how well that works before you move on to real ones.  It should be a simple thing to outlaw all gunfights in the movies, or at least make it illegal for anyone to falsify how a gun works in real life.  
For example, we see a guy pull out a MAC-10 and fire off a hundred rounds at the good guy who is hiding behind a sofa.  In the movies nothing goes through the sofa and the hero jumps up and fires his revolver, a .45 caliber Colt, and kills the bad guy.  If this scene had to be done as it would play out in real life, the hero would have like 50 rounds go through him and if he did shoot the bad guy the round would travel through the wall killing the little kid in the next room.  You want to outlaw guns?  Start there!   
Until you require Hollywood to stop glamorizing gunfights all you are doing is making gun control an issue to justify bigger more intrusive government.  It would only affect law abiding citizens and not the criminals who really don't care about the law in the first place.  If you ended glamorized gunfights in movies I think you would probably see fewer crazy people using them.  But wait, the problem here is the same people who want gun control like hanging out with people who make movies, so who are they going to listen to?

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Gino said...

we already try to limit cigarettes in the movies. you may have a point, but it would surely hit the bottom line of studios.

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