Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Things I Learn on the Internet

I’ve got to admit it.  I must be terribly, terribly out of touch with the world around me.  I try and read, at least to a level where I know there are something like 12 continents, and maybe like a hundred countries or so but each day I learn something new about America that I didn’t know; like even yesterday.
For example, I just learned that all the arguments for “States Rights” is really secret code for undoing the civil rights movement of the Martin Luther King, and that if I believe States should have rights and powers, as discussed in the Constitution, then I am a racist.  DeWayne Wickham - Disturbing the Peace
I’ve learned when NBC and MSNBC edit tapes on news stories it is always for time purposes and never-ever to bias the story or make someone look stupid, and if that happens it is just an unfortunate oversight.  If and when called on it, they should stonewall until the outcry affects ratings.  LI - Blogger exposes MSNBC Video Fraud
If maybe you’re a politician caught in a lie, you are really a victim and should never admit to the lie, but claim the left or right wing fringe elements are nut jobs and out to ruin the America you grew up in. The Boston Herald
I’ve found that while getting caught plagiarizing would disqualify you from running for President in the last century it doesn’t stop you from being elected Vice President this century.  
Then there are those comforting stories like if the National Security Agency just accidently eaves drops on your cell phone conversations it can’t report those findings to Congress because that would violate your civil rights.  Network World
If you’re the Attorney General you get to choose what laws you enforce or uphold and if part of your organization gets involved in gun running to Mexico you really don’t have to tell the Congress, even if they ask especially nice.  Fox News -- Fast and Furious
Speaking of the Department of Justice, which seems to have a heck of a lot of lawyers, they don’t seem to have a great track record on winning the critical cases before the courts these days.  They lost on two really, really, huge ones when Mr. Edwards and Mr. Clements both were found innocent.  Glad we focused on them!

I wonder whom Lance Armstrong pissed off so bad that they will never give up on trying to find he doped himself up.  Hopefully, the same team that tried Mr. Clements will get to take on this threat to American Society.  Keith Burgess-Jackson - cycling-3  

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