Monday, June 11, 2012

There are Days!

     There are days, not often, when as I wake and consider what the day holds in store for me that I want to roll over and go back to bed.  Thankfully for me, those days are few and the feeling passes quickly as I look into myself and draw on the need to meet my obligations.
     So many struggle with self-doubt and depression in today's world.  They are excused and counseled about how to improve and cope with it.  I wonder how it was a hundred years ago when depression as a diagnosis didn't exist?  Did people face the same problems and did they deal with it any better or worse than we do today?
     We see increases in suicide, and anti-depressent medications, sometimes leading to life long use.  Is the suicide rate lower or higher than it was a hundred years ago?  How do we, or really can we, help people to move from debilitating depression to happiness?  Isn't this a journey each of us must travel on our own?

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