Friday, May 11, 2012

As The Days Grow Longer

As winter becomes spring, and spring turns to summer there seems to be no end to the drama in the news as we prepare for what the political pundits view as the central event in the American universe.
On November 9, 2009, I wrote And Then There Was One that recounts the farewell speech of our 34th President.  It is a long blog, but the important take away is the bottom line.  
I hope Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden remain true to themselves and remember they serve for the common good. I hope our nation supports their efforts toward that end, and lets them know when they go astray. Now, as in 1932 we are electing a President to save us from our excesses, hopefully they are up to the challenge.”
Now, after three full years of the Presidency I believe President Obama and Vice President Biden have been true to themselves, unfortunately that truth has not been to govern for the common good but to govern for those who exert the greatest potential in getting them reelected.  We have seen the President, when given a choice to move towards a moderate position or become the peacemaker, continually move towards the positions supporting the extremes of the left.
He and the senior democratic leadership have called the Tea Party activists “Terrorists” yet they embrace the #OWS group.  Why?  There is but one reason, political advantage.  When every decision is made for political advantage, how long does our Republic survive?  Rather than save us from our excesses, he has fueled the belief that a grander, larger, more powerful government, that spends more than the citizens pay into it is good.  Sorry but I can’t accept that.

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